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Branded Merchandise.

We create merchandise that helps major brands make lasting impressions.

From national programs to standalone projects, we build ranges with creative, compliant and memorable products to help brands standout and connect with their customers.


Get products you’ll love from the experts who listen.

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For the last 18 years we have been helping businesses and organisations implement successful, memorable marketing promotions that are pin-pointed, meaningful and cost effective.

Corporate Classics is different. For us, product is a secondary consideration. Promotional products are merely vehicles to communicate core brand messages – for us it’s all about targeting your customers in a memorable, engaging way.

In our first few years of operation our sales strategy was ‘push as much product as you can to anyone that would listen’ – a strategy that is unfortunately still adopted today by 98% of promotional product companies.  Back in the 90’s this took on the form of flicking through a stack of industry standard promotional product catalogues.  Today this is replicated by many promotional companies who upload 1,000’s of non-relevant, poorly presented products online hoping something will stick!

A long time ago we got sick of operating like a ‘candy store’ with thousands of products on offer. Customers were overwhelmed, branded logo merchandise flew out the door – but the profit and revenue wasn’t there for them. I wanted to capitalise of my Marketing degree and educate people on how to achieve an EXACT fit between selecting the RIGHT product whilst keeping true to company values and marketing objectives.   I knew that if I could achieve this my clients would achieve far better results.

So I came up with a better way: The CORPORATE CLASSICS way.

  • Ask the right questions
  • Understand ALL your marketing communication objectives
  • Match the RIGHT product and roll it out in a memorable, different way

We now only deliver award winning, memorable promotional products solutions – giving you incredible value and a lasting impression.