BECA is one of the largest employee-owned professional services consultancies in the Asia Pacific. Beca delivers a variety of services across the buildings, government, industrial, power, transport and water market segments – offering everything from engineering, architecture and planning services, to project and cost management, software technology and valuation services. 


Being a preferred supplier of corporate uniforms and casual apparel to BECA, Corporate Classics was approached to develop fresh giveaway product ideas for clients attending the Australian Open Tennis Tournament. The offering needed to standout and create an air of excitement, encapsulate BECA’s brand elements and be useful on the day.


The Corporate Classics team designed an innovative invitation gift pack – soon to be known as “The BECA Tournament Pack’.  With the tennis tournament taking place mid January, we soon found ourselves working towards a very tight deadline (and budget). We arranged the supply & packing of contents – a branded sunscreen tube and a mini motorised fan inserted into a contemporary gift pouch that included a personal invitation to the Australian Open.


The BECA packs were well received. Attendance was up; it was such a memorable way to deliver an invitation. It goes without saying – The Australian Open event left a lasting impression among clients attending and so too did the ‘BECA Tournament Packs’!