HELLA is a globally positioned company that develops and manufactures lighting technology and electronics products for the automotive industry, and has one of the world’s largest aftermarket organisations for vehicle parts and accessories.


Corporate Classics has been working with HELLA since 2006. Hella required a fresh approach to creating incentives and rewarding their dealer and sales networks.


Having an inept understanding of the HELLA brand and the target audience allowed us to deliver an impactful and engaging promotional solution.  HELLA is sin ominous with vibrant yellow and royal blue colourways – well recognised throughout the industry.  Building on Hellas strong brand recall, we developed a contemporary and practical waterproof jacket that remained true to brand values. The signature jacket trimmed with reflective taping and piping, featured the HELLA logo on the back in reflective fabrication – using a specialised process called ‘Applica’ embroidery.  Whilst garments were well received and well worn – the reflective element of the jackets still gets talked about today.

We also rolled-out an iconic promotion around HELLA branded Sherrin footballs. A striking promotional idea that was a good fit with the target audience whilst adhering to Hellas corporate guidelines.


The promotion was a great success – a memorable way to attract attention to, and ‘light-up’ a famous brand.