HORWATH is a large full service accountancy and advisory firm, supporting business, government and individuals with accountancy and taxation issues.


An audit and taxation specialist, HORWATH was looking to raise awareness of its brand with the aim of driving demand.  Our proposal?  A novel, engaging way to communicate a company’s core values, capabilities and background history.


Corporate Classics created an incredibly impactful promotion that was designed to represent the ethos, values and characteristics that defined HORWATH as an authority in its industry. We created marketing material that not only represented a company profile brochure, but also took on the format of a board game – ‘The Game Of Life’. The board game featured accountancy and advisory information relevant to ones milestone life stages. The promotion was supported by a custom printed stress cube, creating a bridge to the brochures catch phase; HORWATH … a roll in the right direction.


The promotion was acknowledged for its success, we’re always pleased to see our work making a difference.